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Small Business Administration Express Loans

Small Business Administration loan products are regularly updated. Programs and terms change. Use the information on our pages as a good starting point to understanding Small Business Administration loan products.

Many small businesses turn to Small Business Administration financing because they are unable to secure financing through traditional business lending channels.

Small Business Administration Express Loan

A Small Business Administration Express loan is from $5,000 - $25,000. It requires only a one page application.

The Express loan has a minimum credit score requirement. You normally need at least a 680 FICO credit score to qualify.

If you are able to qualify, Small Business Administration loan programs lend to small businesses with very reasonable terms.

Loan Providers

Small Business Administration loans are provided through private-sector banks and lenders. These loans are guaranteed by the Small Business Administration.

The Express loan is provided through Superior Financial. We provide a link on our site directly to Superior Financial for you to apply for a Small Business Administration Express loan.

Loans are available for a wide range of business needs, including start up and expansion. Small Business Administration Express loans offer businesses many advantages over traditional financing including lower interest rates and more attractive terms.

Key Benefits

Some of the Key Benefits of the Small Business Administration Express Loan program include:

  • Most small businesses can qualify
  • Loans from $5,000 to $25,000
  • Lower interest rates
  • Lower down payments
  • Longer repayment terms
  • Lower payments
  • No balloon payments
  • Higher approval rates

Qualification Requirements

The Small Business Administration Express program offers streamlined and expedited loan procedures for certain borrowers. If you are:

·         A current or past U.S. military veteran or the spouse of a veteran

·         Located in an underutilized business zone

·         If you sell items that can be exported

·         If you sell items on your website that could be shipped to Canada, Mexico or any other country

you may qualify for the Express program and you should apply.

When you apply for a Small Business Administration Express loan you get an instant answer online whether you qualify or not.

Free To Apply & No Obligation

There is no cost to apply for a Small Business Administration Express loan. If you meet the minimum requirements outlined here you should apply for the Express loan product if it can help your business.

It requires only a one-page application and takes about 30 days to get funding.

You will be required to personally guaranty the Small Business Administration loan.  If a business owner defaults on the loan they will be required to repay the loan personally. Remember, the federal government is guaranteeing this loan, and they can and will collect the money.

You can use the funding to start a new business. The Small Business Administration encourages organized and qualified entrepreneurs to apply for start-up financing.

Good luck.

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